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May 21, 2007

Top Bedroom Blunders

I got a kick out of this bit of fluff. I wanted to see how I stacked up regarding bedroom blunders. The Count and I have a waterbed, and having sex on a waterbed sometimes makes you look like Bambi trying to walk on ice. It's rather comical.

I took on the ones that I found most interesting. Regarding the mistakes for men, I thought "Poor Personal Grooming" was hilarious, especially when it mentioned how men must engage in "man-scaping", as if the average man is an unkempt invasive shrub in dire need of pruning. "Taking Things Too Fast" made me laugh. I'm the one who takes things too fast. The Count reminds me of that all the time, since he would like more foreplay, and I would like to get right down to The Act sometimes. Maybe it's because I write about sex. I'm always thinking about sex, which puts me in a more receptive mood. Who knows?

Regarding women, number one is one of mine. I'm very self-conscious about my appearance. This one is one that won't go away without a little patience and time. Another one rather close to home is "Being Too Rough". Suffice to say I need to use more oils and lotions, and to not treat him as if he is a jackhammer. The last one is "Faking It" - something that has never been a problem for me. If I don't feel like coming to orgasm, I just say so. Sometimes my body simply isn't in the mood for an orgasm. It does not mean failure on my part or on The Count's part. It just means my body is saying "not today, but enjoy yourself anyway."

There was no mention in the article about whether or not to pay attention to the cat sitting on the headboard as you go at it. Those cats are hard to ignore, especially when they are staring at you as you go about your business. Especially when you're in the middle of it, and Kitty wants petting. How annoying!

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G-Shot: Inject Your Way To Better Please Your Man?

Forget Botox injections, labiaplasty, and vagina-tightening surgeries. Today's modern woman who wants to plunk down thousands of dollars just so that she is more sexually appealing to men can now get a G-Shot. A G-Shot is collagen injected into the G-spot, making it larger - and presumably easier for the male penis to find. G-Shots bring back the myth of the "better" vaginal orgasm as opposed to the "immature" clitoral orgasm. The G-spot is not even accepted as actually existing, while many women claim that they have one.

Amy at Feministing noticed the same thing I noticed - the testimonials about the G-Shot focused on how much happier the men in their lives were that these women paid about $2,000 for a G-Shot.

“My man is so excited about my G-Shot he can’t wait until I get home from work” and "After the G-Shot® it is simple to direct your partner to your amplified pleasure center.” The quotes seem to imply that women were stressed out and feeling like they were failing their partners by not coming fast enough. (“My G-Spot is always present and ready for action at a moments notice.")

Elizabeth Black included information about the G-Shot in her latest article at nuts4chic. She has just as low an opinion of it as many other women. She talks about several forms of sexual plastic surgery for women. Just how much more do women have to cut and maim themselves before they think their men are happy? And what about their own sexual satisfaction? Sexual surgery seems to focus on separating a woman from her money. It also plays on women's sexual insecurities, and makes women think that a surgical procedure will improve her sex life. Whatever happened to having a thoughtful partner, some massage oil and a vibrator, and a fun attitude while you enjoy sex? No surgical procedure can give you that.

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Rapex is a an anti-rape condom developed for women in South Africa. South Africa has the highest rates of rape in the world. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the South African rate rape is "19 per 100,000 people. Analysts say the total, including unreported rapes, could be nine times higher."

Rapex acts something like vagina dentata. It has little hooks that attach to the rapists penis upon insertion, and it can be removed only via surgery. It is obviously very painful. Bloggers have already noted a similarity between Rapex and a fictional device in the book "Snow Crash".

Rapex is controversial. While some say it's about time something like this was created for women, others have said that Rapex may only anger a rapist, causing him to further harm his victim - even killing her. Anti-rape campaigner Charlene Smith said that Rapex "goes back to the concept of chastity belts" and would incite injured rapists to kill their victims. She also said, "We don't need these nut-case devices by people hoping to make a lot of money out of other women's fear." It's rightly been pointed out that most women are raped by people they know - husbands, boyfriends, acquaintences. However, this product was made mostly for South African women, not western women, and South Africa has its own unique problems with rape.

Rapex doesn't actually prevent rape, because the device only works once the rapists penis is inside his victim's vagina. It also doesn't affect oral or anal rape. While Rapex on the whole seems to be a good idea for South African women, it would be a mistake to place the entire responsibility for rape on women's shoulders. Punishing the rapists, believing victims rather than automatically accusing them of making false rape allegations, as well as educating men regarding the realities of rape should also be undertaken.

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