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April 17, 2007

Interesting Stuff To Read

Looks like New Zealanders and Australians are following the path of the Japanese regarding lackluster sex. According to a survey done by a condom manufacturer, "(42 per cent) New Zealanders want to feel less stressed out and tired, and 40 per cent of us want more romance, and a further 34 per cent want a higher sex drive." Australia wasn't much better off. The survey estimated that "Australians had sex 106 times a year, slightly above the global average and more than twice the rate of Japan." Sounds like the sexual blahs are getting to be a worldwide thing.

Getting Out From Under A "Nice Guy", by Elizabeth Black for nuts4chic.

Discrimination-Based Lawsuits Increasing, by Elizabeth Black for nuts4chic.

Are you bored with the endless blathering on political blogs, and need a break? How about reading Fifty Reasons To Spank Your Wife Or Girlfriend? What about spanking your husband or boyfriend? Some guys like a few well-placed swats, too.

I read this post at Pharyngula awhile back, but I hadn't posted about it until now. P. Z. is a fan of Peter Cushing, who just happens to be my favorite actor. I have my own copy of "The Mummy" on tape, and Cushing is his usual delightful self. P. Z. liked what Cushing's character, John Banning, said to slam villian Mehemet Bey's religion. Even though it was a good slam, Kharis (the mummy, played by Christopher Lee) does show up later to mess with Cushing, and to lust after Cushing's wife, Isabel (or was it Elizabeth?), who just happens to look exactly like Kharis's true love. Cushing had a way of delivering an insult with so much flair that the full impact of being slammed doesn't hit until a few minutes later.

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Nipple Jewelry

Question: Did Janet Jackson have a nipple ring or a nipple piercing? She wore a sunburst that was revealed during that silly Superbowl "wardrobe malfunction", but I don't know if it was a piercing. Her sunburst looked a lot like what I'm about to describe below.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Gracie Passette from Sex-Kitten brought to my attention these very pretty nipple rings. I don't know if I would wear one myself, since I think the pinching would bother me. Dr. Patti Britton describes her nipple rings as "Sheer Delight, Inc who make Passionate Response™ have done it, by creating some really nice-looking, plenty delicious-feeling, erotic-as-heck baubles that string onto your nipples for fun and flair. Talk about asking for what you want. Names like Lacy, Starburst, Daisy, with simple to complex sets that include cute little bondage florals to nipple leashes with sliders (like "Dare Me" or "Ring My Bell") that adorn your whole torso. Yum."

I think they're kinda cute. Although they're not my cup of tea, I just might buy one someday, if I'm in the mood. The Count would certainly get a major kick out of me wearing a nipple ring.

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Just Hanging Around

I've been insanely busy writing lately, which is why I haven't updated my blog in ages. A publisher is taking a second look at my novel. I will hear something within a month. I'm very excited about this!

I do plan to update my blog, but I won't be posting as often as I used to. I'm just too busy. I still read blogs occasionally, but not nearly as much as I used to. I'm enjoying myself with my new career as a sex, relationship, and pop culture writer.

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Marfa Lights

I've known about the Marfa Lights for ages. They're up there with the Brown Mountain lights and the Maco Light. John Janks has written about the Marfa Lights, and I've linked to his stuff before. Now, he and his wife have recreated the Marfa Lights in their hallway. It's an awesome YouTube video.

Here it is if you want to see for yourself. John's a cool guy. I'm happy to send people his way.

Below is the YouTube embed. The Count recently upgraded my laptop, so now I can view YouTube. I couldn't with OS 9. I now have OS X. Here's hoping the embed works.

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