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February 28, 2007


Here is a very good article about weathering the winds of change, by The Butterfly Temptress, posted at EdenFantasys.

She was diagnosed with cancer, and she talks about how her life has changed since the diagnosis. She talks about how relationships evolve due to the changes between the partners. Her husband-to-be gave her lots of support, and of course that is a good thing.

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The Royal Spawn Is Going To Be Upset

He loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. We call them "Reesie Cups".

He's not going to be happy with the possible recall of Reese's Cups due to the salmonella scare. He loves the little bite-sized cups. I do, too. I won't turn away a Reesie Cup.

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February 26, 2007

The Alabama Slamma!

In honor of my commenters Sally and Mister Nice Guy, who named the "Alabama Slamma" in the comments of this post, I think someone should create an "Alabama Slamma" supersized dildo in honor of Alabama banning the sale of sex toys. Use LOTS of lube with this HUGE dildo!!!

That whole "Alabama Slamma" business just struck me as very funny. The dildo should come in hot pink, neon purple, and bright red, just so that no one mistakes what it is. Very fitting!

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Open, Honest Discussions About Sex - From A Church

This is cool.

Pastor Tim Kade at the Epic Lutheran Church wants to have open, detailed, and honest discussions in sermons about sex. Granted, I'm sure the talk is meant to be only for married people, and that unmarried people are expected to forego sex until marriage, but it's good to finally find a pastor who wants to get down and dirty (so to speak) about sex.

This is a new church. Already, some people are seeing red over this series about sex. Let the complaints flow in!

Here's the blurb to describe the series:

Sex wasn’t invented in a dark alley behind a pornshop. It’s part of God’s design. Did you know that the Bible is very open and frank about sexual matters? In fact, this may shock you but...God wants you to have GREAT SEX. In this series, we’ll ask questions and begin to unravel the myths and confusion about sex.

Here are the topics through April 1, when the series ends:

February 25
The Greatest Sex You'll Ever Have

March 4
The Bedroom: Battleground or Playground

March 11
Real Desperate Housewives, with guest Ron Farah,
Family and Marriage Counselor

March 18
Porn: What's the Big Deal?

March 25
Sex Ed: Teaching Children about Sex

April 1
Affair Proofing Your Marriage

Of course, plenty of people are unhappy about this series. The Detroit News article detailed the problems Epic Church is facing in light of the sex series:

"Instead of using scripture, he's using fads," said Gene Koessel, 70, a retired Lutheran pastor from Roseville, about Kade. "What's next?"

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's English district, headquartered in Farmington, has been fielding e-mails and phone calls from area churches upset over the Web site images and the sexual permissiveness they arguably convey.

"Maybe the Epic Church went over the edge of good taste in terms of the Web site," said Bishop David Stechholz, district president, who oversees 160 parishes in North America. "That had a few people pretty upset."

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, made up of 6,150 parishes worldwide, is the second-largest Lutheran faith in the world and considered the more conservative branch. In addition to making strict interpretations of the Bible, the faith does not ordain women as pastors; abortion and extramarital sex are deemed sins. Epic Church is awaiting official membership.

So far, it looks like Epic Church is going to have an uphill battle towards official membership. I hope it is approved. I like the way it's handling touchy issues, like sex.

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Elizabeth Black Column In Nuts4chic

Elizabeth Black writes a weekly column for the Brit e-zine nuts4chic that comes out every Monday. Here are two good articles:

The Altoids/Oral Sex Myth

The Art Of Foreplay

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This Is Just Plain Sick

This girl was not "lost" in a poker game in Pakistan. Her father handed her over as a prize to his male relative since he viewed his own daughter as chattel to be handed over to her male relative when she matured. Plus, she's worth only $151.00. Her father paid the debt in cash last year, but her relative still wants her because of "tribal customs". So "tribal customs" permit incest? Sick, sick, sick.

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February 19, 2007


Considering that the eleventh Circuit Court upheld Alabama’s ban on the sale of sex toys, I thought it would be fitting to let everyone know about EdenFantasys. EdenFantasys is a great source for sex toys, movies, and books. I was contacted by EdenFantasys yesterday. It's a very good site. I'm going to add it to my blog roll in a minute or two.

I already link to another sex toys store - Vibrator.com. I couldn't let this post go up without mentioning Vibrator. Vibrator is a one-stop shop for all kinds of sexual goodies, including sex toys banned for sale in Alabama.

By the way, an unscientific poll found that 91% of people polled oppose the sex toys ban in Alabama. Good for them! Everyone should be able to enjoy his or her sex toys in peace without the state trampling into the privacy of your bedroom... or kitchen... or den... or bathroom... or wherever you choose to enjoy your sex toys. Smiley_grin

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February 09, 2007

Edwards, Amanda, And Melissa

Didn't John Edwards do his homework before he hired Amanda and Melissa to work for his campaign? I came to Shakespeare's Sister later, but I knew Amanda when she was on Mouse Words. I like the snark on both blogs. If Edwards is getting into a tizzy now over posts they've made on their blogs, why didn't he know about their blog voices before hiring them? Sounds like he and his staff didn't dot all their "i"s.

Pandagon and Shakespeare's Sister are two of my top blog reads. I like their style and what they have to say. I have a feeling this little brouhaha won't matter in the long scheme of things when it's time to vote for a President anyway. I assume that most people want a President who will get us out of this horrible war (It's safe to assume troops won't be home in 2008). Most people would want a President who will balance the budget, and get America back on track. They won't care about a blog war that isn't important in the grand scheme of things. Just remember that when it's time to vote.

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February 08, 2007

The Count Lurvs Amanda and Melissa

Gee, I must be asleep at the switch. I was only just now reading about (and becoming aware of) the hoo-haa over Amanda and Melissa.

Well, for what it's worth, The Count would like to express his appreciation for the work that Ms. Marcotte and Ms. McEwan have done *prior* to working for the Edwards campaign. I have to admit that I don't often wander over to Shakespeare's Sister, but in my reading order of blogs, Pandagon is number two, right behind Juan Cole's Informed Comment.

I am very sanguine when it comes to women's rights, gay rights and freedom of from religion. I have absolutely loved reading the posts Amanda, Pam, and others have made, as they have this delicious snarkiness compounded with a hard-nosed, take no prisoners attitude. I am also especially enthralled by Sheelzebub's posts (since she's been recently posting on Pandagon) as I know her personally. :)

John Edwards asked Amanda and Melissa to come over and work with him. I certainly hope he had a chance to read what they've written in the past before hiring them, because this is a simple case of what you see is what you should expect to get. I cannot believe Edwards is so naive... though I am sure he has a lot of irons in the fire. This has nothing to do with our dear friends, Amanda and Melissa.

While some may bemoan Amanda possibly downplaying her attitude, don't worry, be happy, the beauty is that Pandagon will still continue to do their level best to level the playing field through the excellent staff who *will* be posting.

Besides, the important thing is getting Mr. Edwards elected.

Be strong, do what is right or it is not worth it.

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