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December 12, 2006

Long Work Hours Suck The Life Out Of Your Marriage And Destroy Your Sex Life

Under the "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" category is this new study that found that work hours in excess of seventy per week wreck havok on your sex life and your marriage. Executives tend to work those kinds of hours, so they should take heed.

Apparently, these long working hours in executive positions is called "the extreme job". I certainly would not like to work like that. What kind of life would that be?

People with extreme jobs don't hate their jobs. In fact, the opposite is the case. They love their jobs. They brag about their earnings, their long hours, their work, and all the travel they have to do. The problem is that their families are suffering. Their sexual relationship with their spouses is in the toilet.

Harvard Business Review published the study. Those who work in extreme jobs consider a ten-hour work week a part-time job. What the hell kind of nonsense is that? It's not new, though. Work hours in general are longer now than they were decades ago. The forty hour work week is getting to be a thing of the past. Plus, there is little job security. I just read that DuPont has laid off a bunch of workers - just before Christmas. What a great present. I also suspect that those who work in extreme jobs aren't pulling in the kinds of benefits that jobholders have had in decades past. They don't take vacations or days off. They even go to work on days that they normally have off. These kinds of jobs also involve travel and "evening entertainment", which was not identified. As far as I know, that could be anything from mandatory meetings at restaurants to after-work seminars. If anyone reading this post can identify what is meant by "evening entertainment", please post in comments.

The article I link to described problems men and women in extreme jobs have, saying that "nearly half of men and women who took part in the international research project said their jobs "interfere with having a strong relationship with my spouse/partner." So much time is spent on the job that relationships with spouses and children suffer. This includes the sexual relationship. These extreme job workers are too tired for sex. That's not a good thing.

I'd rather see people scale back their working hours and enjoy their lives, but many jobs these days require longer hours and less time with families. I've always known that the workplace had never been family-friendly, but it seems to be getting worse.

Anyone reading in an extreme job, or just have ridiculous working hours? Do you enjoy your job? How is your family life faring? Care to discuss the issue in comments?

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A Great Christmas Gift For Your Sweetie

Go pick up a copy of "The Position Of The Day Playbook", by Nerve.com, and try a fun new sex position every day. There is some discussion of sex and burning calories, but according to those interviewed, you aren't likely to lose lots of weight with a healthy roll on the sheets. I like the idea of a different sex position every day. I bet there are plenty of positions I've never heard of. You can pick up the book at Amazon.

The comments are amusing. Some people need to lighten up. Raspberry

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And You Thought Barbie Saying "Math Is Hard" Was Bad

I'm not sure that I really believe this, but it was so funny I had to post about it.

Some mom insists that the Shimmering Lights Arial doll her daughter has says "You're a slut!"

The doll has the usual stock phrases little girls dolls have. She says "Your sparkles are so beautiful," "Life is the bubbles" and "You're a wonderful friend."

This mom claims that if the doll's button is pushed a certain way, Arial says "You're a slut!"

It's uncertain whether or not the doll actually says that. You have to listen very closely to hear it. It's almost as if you have to know the story in advance, and then you listen for those words. There has also been only one complaint about the doll. So, I'm not sure I believe it, but it sure is funny.

If I get an update on this story, I'll post it.

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Deck The Halls

The hall is decked. Not "halls" - we have only one hall. The Christmas tree is up and lit. Even my three strands of bubble lights lit up with no problem. I have blue electric candles in the windows. These candles have saved me a lot of grief. They turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. That saves me from having to climb around in the storage room to get to the lights to turn them on. I would have had to climb over the wicker couch, climb over a plastic garden chair, slide across the computer table, and squeeze past lots of boxes to get to the back of that room to turn on the Christmas candles. Now, all I have to do is wait until the sun goes down.

I have a really cool Christmas carousel. It plays carols, and the horses light up and go up and down. I bought that thing about ten years ago, and it's still going strong. It's nice to know that some products are made to last these days.

I have my mix of Christmas carols that The Count burned for me last year. I have Celtic carols, The Trans-Siberian Express, Meowy Christmas (cats meowing Christmas tunes. This one drives The Royal Spawn crazy.), Vince Garaldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Schooner Faire, and other songs. That CD is putting me into a great holiday mood.

Anyway, I wanted to make a couple of blog posts before I started on a writing spree tomorrow. I have a BUNCH of articles to write, a short story to finish, and stuff to read. I need to get this stuff finished before Christmas.

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December 03, 2006

My Life Was Made Into A Very Bad Movie Starring Malcolm McDowell

I am still alive. I have been very sick all week. I hope to feel better by tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. I have some articles to finish. I'm not behind, but if I wait much longer I will be.

So, to make sure everyone knows I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, here's a fun quiz. I came out as Caligula. Couldn't have done better!

I'm Caligula!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

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