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May 31, 2006

Shared Parenting Fails In Tennessee

I've learned today that a shared parenting bill has failed in Tennessee. The bill's sponsor pulled it the day before it was due to be heard. I read about this on a men's rights mailing list, and as usual, the guy who posted about it was livid. He complained that the bill was yanked because of "the Feminist and their supporters." The fathers' rights activist complained that the bill was originally held by the Joint Commission of Children and Families because it believed that shared parenting would cause problems for the custodial mother. I haven't read the bill, nor do I have knowledge of the workings of the Commission for Children and Families, so I don't know if that's what they really said, or if this guy is just speaking through his fathers' rights filter that blames custodial moms for everything. Of course, the fathers' rights activist said what the Commission did was "bull".

The guy also had to throw in false allegations, of course. Fathers' rights activists always do that. He whined that charges should be "filed upon those women who file false allegations, just to discredit the father and to destroy his chances of gaining anything other than visitation in court." That makes me wonder if his ex had filed abuse allegations against him. These guys usually complain about the very things they do all the time.

So, that make Tennessee and New York that have recently rejected shared parenting. That's good news. "Shared parenting" is fathers' rights-speak for "having control of the ex through the kids" as well as a means for the guys to avoid paying child support.

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We Had A Pleasant Wednesday

The Count and I are doing much better today. Thanks so much to everyone who had given us help and support. I'll write personal e-mails to everyone who sent us money over the next two days. We're not completely out of the woods yet, but your help has been appreciated.

We paid the trash bill today. Tomorrow we pay part of the rent, the electric bill, and the phone bill. We pay the rest of the rent early next week.

I called the restaurant today, and we were told to drop by tomorrow between one and three p. m. to fill out applications. It would be nice to work as a cook. The Count can cook to die for.

I'm going to spend the morning making glycerin soaps to take to the two stores interested in them. I hope they sell well. They are very nice soaps. Some look like cameos with women on them. Others are Celtic and Victorian. I even have a men's line that smells very nice. The fragrance is similar to Cool Water. It's perfect for me, since we live by the ocean.

I'm going to write a bio, a detailed synopsis of my supernatural erotic romance novel, and send some chapters to the publisher who is interested in reading it. Keep your fingers crossed! If I'm accepted, I could bring in a bit more money. That sounds good to me. I also have a second novel that I need to finish that the publisher might be interested in. That one is a family saga/mystery. It's good to have a second novel already in the works for a publisher. They want you to keep writing and selling so they can make money.

I found a bunch of writing opportunities at the Naughty Words blog. I'll check them out tomorrow, and come up with some new story ideas.

So far, things are looking up. Once we have a real lead on good jobs, I'll let everyone know.

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Song On Last Week's "Without A Trace"

I didn't watch last week's "Without A Trace" until now. I'm sure some of my readers (my "Without A Trace" fans) will want to know the name of the song that played at the end of the show. I knew it was by Coldplay, and I was right. The song is called "Fix You".

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A Writing Update

I have a few articles and short stories in the works. I've interviewed the owner/editor in chief of Catwalk Magazine for an article for the U. K. magazine Nuts4Chic. I already have been in contact with Nuts4Chic to write some articles, and I thought it would like to hear from Emma from Catwalk. Emma was interviewed by the Toronto Star about her life as a courtesan and her new magazine. So, I pitched an interview with Nuts4Chic for her, and the interview was accepted. Emma sent her interview answers to me via e-mail on Friday. I'll edit the article, and send it to Nuts4Chic either today or tomorrow.

Nuts4Chic reminds me of People Magazine. It has opened a new Blue Room, which is for erotica and sex articles. I've already written an article about sex being more than intercourse for Nuts4Chic, and it's being edited right now. It addresses straight and lesbian women.

Emma from Catwalk used to work as a courtesan. Most people think that courtesans are extinct, but they're still around. They provide companionship for wealthy men. These women are very sophisticated and learned. Yes, sex may be part of the equation. I find courtesans fascinating. If I were younger and single, I might consider trying it. I have a great background in art, literature, and music, and I would have made a wonderful courtesan. I would like to think that I exude class, and courtesans have class.

Once the interview is in print, I'll link to it so that everyone may read it.

I've written an article about polyamory for Renegade Magazine. That is a subversive magazine. It's in the editing stage now. I expect it to come out shortly.

The short erotic story I sent to Fishnet yesterday is the one I plan to post here. It's entitled "A Spanking Good Time". I'll wait awhile before posting it because I'd like to hear from Fishnet first. That one was fun to write. It's supernatural erotica. That's my favorite kind of erotica, next to humorous relationship erotica. I'm so used to writing for Scarlet, from the U. K., that I started calling your butt your "bum". at least I didn't write "arse". The Brit lingo is rubbing off me.

Catwalk, Renegade, and Nuts4Chic's Blue Room are start-ups. I have confidence that they will do well, especially Catwalk. Emma is very driven, and she has lots of good ideas. Catwalk is a men's magazine written by women. That's unusual. I like the idea.

And now for the news that really has me excited. I was turned down by Tor Books for my supernatural erotic romantic novel. I expected that, since Tor is so big and lots of people send in manuscripts. However, I heard from Abattoir Publishing yesterday, and it wants to read my novel. I just wrote to them yesterday. They publish mostly horror, but they're also new and looking for manuscripts. I have a better chance with them. They liked my synopsis, and they want to read some of my novel to decide whether or not to publish it. I hope I'm accepted. I could get a nice sum of money for my first published novel. Then, I could send them my second one. I wrote the second one first. It's a family saga/mystery. I like strong female leading characters, and both books have them.

I've pitched my services to Nuts4Chic, Catwalk, and Renegade as an editor, so that would bring in more money once the magazines take off. I also learned that Scarlet is opening a branch in the U. S. That probably won't happen for at least a year. I've already contacted the editor in chief, and told him I'd like to be in on the U. S. launch. He definitely likes the idea. So, my writing and editing prospects look very promising. It will just take awhile for them to gel, and for me to start bringing in a regular paycheck.

I'm feeling very confident about my writing. Plus I see that bloggers can be very nice people, something I already knew. Thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far. We'll need help until both of us have steady, well-paying jobs. I hope that won't take long, but I don't know how long it will take. If you'd like to help out The Count and I, just click on the PayPal button at the top of the left sidebar. We're not out of the hot water yet, but the money people have sent so far does help us a lot. I think we can relax, and not worry as much about being evicted, at least for the time being. We've just paid the trash pick-up bill, and next we pay the electric bill and the phone bill. Today, we pay as much of the rent as we can. Thanks to everyone who has helped us so far. We are humbled and appreciative.

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An Update For Everyone

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and the money they have sent us so far. I feel much less scared than I did yesterday. If you would still like to send us money to help us out of our bind, please go to the PayPal link at the top of my left sidebar. The entire story of what is going on with The Count and I is in the post below this one.

Both The Count and I are very touched and humbled by the response we've received. I knew bloggers were good people.

I wanted to give everyone a delicious French recipe. It's Poires au Vin Rouge (Pears Poached in Red Wine)

4 firm ripe pears, such as Anjou, Bosc, or Barlett (Royal Riviera from Harry and David's also work)

1/2 lemon

3 cups dry red wine

1/2 cup sugar

1 (2-inch) strip lemon peel

1 stick cinnamon, cracked

4 whole black peppercorns

4 whole cloves

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise

Peel the pears and core them from the base, leaving the stems intact. Rub the pears with the lemon to prevent discoloration.

In a saucepan,, combine the remaining ingredients and bring the liquid to a boil. Simmer the syrup, stirring occasionally, for 5 minute, or until transparent. Add the pears, cover with wax paper, and cook at a bare simmer, turning the pears from time to time, for 20 to 25 minutes, or until just tender. Let the pears cool in the liquid.

With a slotted spoon, transfer the pears to a serving dish. strain the cooking liquid into another saucepan and reduce it to 1 cup over medium-high heat. Let the syrup cool to warm and pour it over the pears. Cool to room temperature. Serve at room temperature or chilled. Serves 4.

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May 30, 2006

Help Us! Trish And Bill Are In Trouble!!

Now all my readers know The Count's name. It's Bill.

We are in serious financial straits right now. The Count was laid off. I have never brought in a lot of money. Unemployment has already run out. We are in serious trouble.

I never thought I would resort to begging, but I need to do that now. It's either beg, or be evicted. I've already been sent money by family and friends, but we can't keep afloat.

I just put a PayPal donations button at the very top of my left sidebar. If any of my readers are able to send us money, we will be eternally grateful. The Count has a possible job with a game company lined up, but we don't know when he'll be called in for an interview. I have some very good opportunities with about six erotica magazines, but they are new, and they won't start paying for a few months. Two in particular look like they are going to take off. I'm lining up writing and editing jobs with them. They like me. I even found a new erotica magazine in Australia that looks good. One of the six magazines is in the U. K. I already write for Scarlet. They like me overseas for some reason.

I'm glad I found them as they formed. I'm investing my time and talent in some start-ups. I know that some of them will be successful. It will just take a few months before they take off.

The Count and I are heading to the tourist trap shops tomorrow to apply for some job openings we saw. The money we make won't be much, but it will be something. The problem is that it isn't enough. We're strapped.

Until our job prospects work out, we will have to survive on Oodles of Noodles and cheese rice.

I hate cheese rice, but it's tasting mighty good right about now.

If anyone reading this is able to donate money to us using that PayPal donations button, both of us will be eternally grateful. The best I can do to pay it back is to post one of my erotic stories on my blog for everyone once we are out of the Financial Danger Zone.

The main thing that worries us is rent. We live in Massachusetts, where rental price gouging is part of the state's Constitution. We pay out the ass for rent, and now we can't afford it. There are no affordable places to live anywhere in our area or even a bit beyond it. This is as good as it gets, and it bites us in the ass. If you've ever lived in Massachusetts, or read about the obscenely high rents and mortgages here, you know that we are being eaten alive. Help us!!!

I've had a PayPal account for several years, so that's already set up. Just click on the PayPal button at the very top of my sidebar if you want to help us out. The best I can do to show our gratitude for anyone who helps us is to give everyone a scorching good sexy story on my blog. I just wrote one that involves spanking. Har har! It was fun to write. I sent it to Fishnet. I hope they accept it. I'll get paid for it if it's accepted. Not bad for an hour's worth of work. If it's accepted, I'll remove it from my blog, and just post a link to Fishnet so everyone can read it there. I write good, funny, sexy stories. You won't be disappointed.

Help us! We are circling the drain!! Please keep us afloat so that we don't have to live in my mother's house. My mother is moving in a year to a senior apartment, so we wouldn't be able to stay for long anyway. Besides, she's a fundamentalist, conservative, born-again Christian. The Count is an atheist, and I practice Wicca and Voudou. Hey, whatever works. I don't believe that stuff for a moment, but I do get results for some odd reason. Just not right at the moment. My skeptic side is rearing up again. Living with my mother would be Hell On Earth.

PLEASE help us to avoid living with my mother!!!

Anyone who can help us will forever be on our good side. Thanks so much if you're able to throw some moulah our way. We really need it. Otherwise, we have to live with my mother, and listen to Christian radio, hear "Praise the Lord" when she finds a good parking space, and listen to The Cowsills on an old console record player. Please Don't Let Us Have To Live Like That!!!!

The Count and Countess thank you profusely. Cheers, everyone!

Update: I had a nice idea. Here's what I'd like to share with you.

Here's what you'll get if you donate to Bill and Trish. I got the idea from the Save Karyn web site. I saw her web site when she started it in 2002 or so. She ran up $20,000 in credit card debt from shopping too much. Too many lattes and crap, if you know what I mean. Strangers paid her on her PayPal account, and in not much time at all, she paid off her credit debt. She is now debt free. She was covered in The New York Times and People Magazine. She included information about what you'd get from her if you helped her, and I liked what she had to say.

Here is what you'll get from the Count and I for helping us out:

1. You'll get a free sexy and funny erotic story from me. Everyone who has read my blog regularly knows that I am an erotica writer. Hopefully, my new story will soon be published by Fishnet Magazine, a very reputable erotica magazine. If it is accepted, I'll remove the story from my blog, and post a link to it on Fishnet. As you can tell, I have a story in mind. It involves spanking. It's very sexy and funny. I'm sure you'll like it very much.

2. You'll get updates on our job searches and successes.

3. You'll get tips about how to live simply, without spending much money.

4. You'll get great cooking recipes from The Count and I. Cooking your own meals can be done very inexpensively, and the food will taste much better than anything you'll get from the likes of Taco Bell. The Count and I don't eat at restaurants - first because we can't afford it, especially now, and second because The Count's food tastes much better than anything you'll find in most restaurants, especially family chain restaurants.

5. You'll get delectable chocolate and dessert recipes from me. I love chocolate. It's the food of the Gods. I will post my recipes for X-rated chocolates (I'll tell you where to buy the molds), and delicious chocolate treats like chocolate mousse, pots de creme au chocolat (chocolate custard), sachertorte (a chocolate tart that will swear you off chocolate after one bite. This is one RICH cake.), and other treats like chocolate-covered strawberries, creme brulee, chocolate bark with almond silvers and toffee bits, and chocolate truffles.

6. I'll update you on my erotic writing, including letting you know how the start-ups are doing.

7. Anything else that crosses my mind that I think you'd like to hear about.

I'd like to thank the people who have thus far sent us some money. I'm very humbled at the response we've received so far. I feel a little more secure now. I'm still scared, but I know that people care about us. Thank you so much.

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May 21, 2006

The Best Beer In The World - Trappist Westvleteren 12

I've known for a long time that Trappist Westvleteren 12 is the best beer in the world. Yet another beer listing has come out that put Trappist Westvleteren 12 in the number one spot. I've written about this beer before. I like what the father abbot had to say about it when news got out that it was best in the world, and it promptly sold out. He said, "We are not brewers, we are monks. We brew beer to be able to afford being monks." I gotta find this stuff. I love a good, dark beer, and this one is the best in the world.

I have already tasted the best chocolate in the world. It's Amedei Chauo, from Italy. I bought a bar a few months ago. It was dee-lish. Now I must track down the best beer in the world. I like to taste only the best in food and drink.

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Uru Live Is Coming Back!

Shorah, my Uru friends!

The Count sent me an article this morning that has informed me that one of my favorite games, Uru Live, is coming back!!! I'm very happy. I had played Until Uru until the computer crashed. I haven't played in over a year. I've been in touch with my old Uru friends, and they're glad I'm back. Shadowcats gave me a very nice hello.

Fans of Myst, of which Uru is part of the universe, are very loyal and friendly. I'm not surprised that they kept interest in Uru alive so that Uru Live will once again become a reality.

Mysterium this year will be in July in Spokane, Washington. I wish I could go. I can't afford it this year. I'd love to see all my old friends.

To my Uru friends, please visit my Uru category on my blog and feel free to visit my a href="http://trishwilson.typepad.com/photos/uru/">Uru photo album. The Uru icon on my left sidebar takes you to my photo album. I played the beta version of Uru Live, and I have lots of great pictures.

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May 19, 2006

This Post Is Dedicated To Ginmar

Anyone who knows Ginmar knows that she has to deal with the trailer trash neighbors from Hell. I think she should fire back with similar shenanigans. This article will give her some ideas.

The woman who did everything listed below (she's from England) was slapped only with an anti-social behavior charge. If only Ginmar could get her neighbors slapped with something similar, with extra grief thrown in.

Prosecutors said Wilding repeatedly and loudly played a choral work "about rape, pillage and the trashing of villages," caused extensive damage to neighbors' vehicles, beamed floodlights into a neighbor's home and tipped oil over his driveway at night.

She also deposited dead animals, rubbish, dog feces, glass and nails on the road, obstructing other homes and communal spaces, they said.

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May 17, 2006

Writing Update And The Worst Movies Of All Time

I just rewrote an article I wrote for an erotica magazine from the U. K. that focuses on women. Actually, the erotica section is new. The magazine itself reminds me of "People". I've been in touch with one of the editors, and she likes my ideas very much. Cool!

I wrote to contacts for Angelina Jolie, J. K. Rowling, and Traci Lords to request interviews. Rowling is apparently busy with her family and writing, and can't interview at this time. I'm saving the e-mail because I have someone to contact in case she is available in the future.

I have one very old Angelina Jolie post that her fans have found via Google searches. EVERYONE wants her e-mail address! They write love letters to her in my comments. Of all my posts, I think that one has more comments than any of my others. For the Angelina Jolie fans who have found my blog: don't ask me for Angelina's e-mail address. I don't have it. However, I do have a way of contacting her. I'm not going to tell you what that is. Neener, neener. evil_smiley.gif

I originally wrote an article about how sex is much more than just intercourse, but the article was too focused on straight couples. I included a section about how to find your G-spot, and a section on lovemaking between lesbians and bisexual women. I found some interesting articles that pointed out that sexuality for bisexual women is "fluid", as in it's not so much focused on gender but on the nature of the relationships involved. Bisexual women freely flow between men and women as partners. Sexuality researchers have been apparently studying this for a long time. l also found news about a brand new Swedish study that found differences in CAT scans between lesbians and straight women. That was very interesting.

I received a fun e-mail asking me to name what I thought were the worst movies of all time. So many choices!! If you'd like to submit your list of the worst movies, write to kikokimba@gmail.com.

Here's my list. I can think of plenty movies that are so bad they make you bleed out of your eyes. I didn't include "Gigli" because I knew everyone else would name it. What do you think are the worst movies ever made? Tell me in comments.

The Widowmaker - with Harrison Ford doing the worst Russian accent I've ever heard.

Spice World

Battlefield Earth

Shanghai Surprise

Boxing Helena

Motel Hell

Weekend At Bernie's (The Count and The Royal Spawn disagree with me about this one. The Count wants me to see it again, with him. I will do it, but only if I have plenty of port to drink at the same time. I'm going to need it. I thought this movie was so stupid it made my toenails hurt.)

The Granny (with Stella Stevens)

Rabid Grannies


Howard The Duck

Exorcist II: The Heretic

Sextette (with Mae West)

Children Of The Corn

Star Trek V

Manos: The Hands Of Fate

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band

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