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September 30, 2005

Last Night's Song on CSI

Welcome, "CSI" fans!! I understand a lot of you want to know the name of the song that played at the beginning and end of last night's episode (September 29, 2005). It was "Mad World" by Gary Jules. The song was originally done by Tears For Fears. You can find both versions of this song on the soundtrack to the movie "Donnie Darko".

I first heard the song when it played on "Without A Trace", during the episode called "The Bus". It's one of my favorite songs, and it's also the "Without A Trace" song that gets the most questions. When people hear it, they want to know who does it.

In case you'd like to hear it again, here is an MP3 file of the song.

Mad World

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Friday Random Ten - "The Cannibal Holocaust Mix"

There sure is a lot of dark music in today's Friday Random Ten. Lustmord, Mythos, Nord Ambient Alliance, and Mark Snow. That's the perfect music to go with the movie I'm watching - "Cannibal Holocaust". I heard about that one when I first saw "The Blair Witch Project". The story lines are similar. A group of people investigate a tribe of cannibals, and they mysteriously disappear. The movie seems to be from the '70s, which wouldn't surprise me at all. I sure do like to find these obscure, bizarre cult films, don't I?

You know the routine for Friday Random Ten. Set your iTunes to "random", and post the first ten songs that come up. No cheating!!

1. "Vianne Gazes At The River", David Snell, the soundtrack to "Chocolat"

2. "Protoplasmic Reversion", Lustmord, The Monstrous Soul

3. "DJ Tom Stevens vs. Koma Squad", Trance Nation 2

4. "Strange Attractor", Lustmord, Purifying Fire

5. "Stone Circle", Keiko Matsui, Wildflower

6. "Death of the Prodigy Dancers", The Prodigy, Experience

7. "Prelude", Mythos, Mythos

8. "Facetus Malum", Mark Snow, The Truth And The Light - Music From "The X Files"

9. "Instincts - Revelation", Nord Ambient Alliance

10. "Gretchen Ross", Michael Andrews, soundtrack to the movie "Donnie Darko"

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Friday Cat Blogging

I couldn't resist posting this picture. The Count and I think Oreo's tongue is too big for her head. She'll often sit around with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, but it's not usually this far out. She looks really cute like this.

Yeah, I know... One... Two... Three... awwwww!!!!


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September 28, 2005

Movie Recommendation From "The Countess" - "One Missed Call"


I knew it wasn't cool anymore to like Asian horror cinema the moment I saw the Japanese "Rasen" ("Ring 2") and "Ring 0" available for rental at Blockbuster. Actually, it's been uncool for awhile, since more obscure Asian horror flicks are now available for rent at both Blockbuster and Netflix. When I bought the "Ring" trilogy and the Japanese "Dark Water" on eBay over two years ago, they had to be shipped to me from Japan. Some other movies I wanted were available only for Region 3, which won't play on American DVDs. It took some time, but I finally found a Region 1 DVD of "Kairo" about a year ago. That movie was remade in the U. S. into that awful "Fear Dot Com". The Japanese original was much better. Now, you can rent them at Blockbuster (but not "Kairo" - not yet anyway.) Not cool anymore. Still, I like to watch these movies because they're fun.

I rented "One Missed Call" yesterday, and it's definitely a winner. The gist of the story is that you call yourself on your cellphone, and you get to hear your dying moments. The calls take place a few days in the future. You spend the time until that date and time going bonkers about your own impending death. Once someone dies, the "ghost" goest through that person's cell phone address book, and then calls the next victim.

The movie had the usual Asian horror cliches - the female "ghost" with long hair hanging in her face, "possessed" technology, and a bunch of kids too scared to answer their own cell phones. Still, I thought the movie was creepy and loads of fun.

I've noticed that phone leashes are popular in Japan. They are the danging things hanging from cell phones. I have some gemstone beads that would be perfect for making our own phone leashes. I used those gemstone beads a few years ago to make some necklaces for myself. I have garnet, blue paua shells, gold beads, and another agate-like gem that would make very nice phone leashes. The Count wants one, but The Royal Spawn doesn't. I'll just make two phone leashes for The Count and I. I already have a quartz crystal, an Apache tear, and carved glass hanging from my car's rearview mirror. Might as well have gack hanging from my cell phone.

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Talkin' 'Bout TV - "Surface"

"Surface" is a show I can get excited about. The end of Monday's episode was really cool. Some people were shark fishing. They caught a big shark, but something bigger bit the shark in half. They reeled in the shark, and saw HALF a shark at the end of the line. Next, something really big comes out of the water, and eats the boat. This is what ate the boat:


Now that is really cool.

So far, "Surface" and "Medium" are shows I can get excited about. I thought "Threshold" would be incredible, but I'm not quite sure about that one yet. The other really good show is "Lost", but it's not a supernatural show like the others, so I place that one in its own separate category.

I obviously feel like keeping blogging light. I don't have anything to say about politics for the time being. When I do, you'll know it.

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Some Wednesday Morning Music, TV, and Movie Talk

I didn't do a Friday Random Ten last week because I was feeling lazy. That said, I have become hooked on this song, "Poison" by Groove Coverage. It's on "Future Trance Volume 26". It's dance music, and it sure is a catchy tune. I've had it on repeat all morning, and the Count hasn't complained yet.

Give the song time to load in if you click on the link. It might take a couple of minutes.

Groove Coverage Poison

This song is now stuck in my head, but thank God it's not stuck in my head the way that Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" was stuck in Mrs. Dubois's head in the last episode of "Medium". I don't think I could handle that. Every time I hear that song I think of "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". It's like when I first watched "The Matrix" and I couldn't think of Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in anything other than a long dress and a wig made of feathers. (He starred in "Priscilla".)

At least "Poison" gives you an idea of the kind of music I listen to. It's more dance than trance, but it's still a good song.

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September 25, 2005

Food Bloggers Cat Blogging

Note: Food bloggers, if you want to see my food blogging posts, go to my category Food and Drink. I tend to write about a lot of things. That category will make it easier for you to view only my foodie posts.


It's Sunday, which means it's time for Food Bloggers Cat Blogging. I'd like to thank Clare from eat stuff for starting it. Make sure you check out her cat, Kiri. That's one sweet looking kitty.

Here are this week's cats:

Check out Matildes puss playing Hide and Seek! at Skør i Skralden
Check out Macroom strutting it with the big cats at Dispensing Happiness
Check out the cat showing her displeasure at the idea of WDB at Belly Timber
Check out Tasha waking up from a nap at A few of my favourite things
Check out The Stunning Nero at Anne's Food
Check out The big black sweetie named Jazz at Look hunny, I cooked.
Check out Meow Meow relaxing in her new bed at Masak Masak
Check out Alices's boys relxing on a Saturday morning at My Adventures in the Breadbox
Check out Farmgirls best pal the doodle monster washing herself at Farmgirl Fare
Check out bussi practising the art of feline hedonism at basic juice
Check out Lucky taking a well positioned nap at The Countess
Check out Grey Kitty the not quite stray at Restaurant Widow
Check out luke curled up with Nick at Sweetnicks
Check out the Gorgeous Kittaya taking a nap at Mananadi
Check out Tuxette the new kitten in Kitchen Mages's life :) *warning new Kitten alert!!!!*

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September 24, 2005

I'm Going To Make Glycerin Soap

I bought these three molds a couple of weeks ago. Aren't they beautiful?

Woman1 Woman2 Woman3

I bought three more that depict oceanside scenes. They are just as beautiful as the women molds.

I had intended to use them to make chocolates, but they are actually much too big. No one can eat that much chocolate - except me!

So, instead, I've decided to use them to make glycerin soap. I know of four shops near me that would probably sell them. I've already ordered the glycerin soap base, some fragrances, and some colors. I wanted jewel-like colors, so I ordered sapphire, amethyst, and white pearl. The fragrances are wisteria, sweet grass, ambrosia, and mimosa. Since these are big, homemade soaps, I'm thinking of charging $5.00 each.

Once I make them, I'll post pictures of them. I know they're going to be gorgeous.

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Belated Friday Cat Blogging

Since my camera works only when it's plugged into the wall, I had to wait for Lucky to get in range for me to take a picture of him. As anyone knows who is owned by a cat, cats don't cooperate when you want them to do something. It took me forever to get him near enough to take a picture of him. Plus, Oreo was parked permanently on my lap last night, so moving around wasn't much of an option. Oreo is either outside begging me to chase her around the yard, since she won't come in, or she's inside sprawled on my lap.

Here is Lucky in a rare moment of exhaustion. He's a very energetic kitty. He's two seconds away from falling asleep here. That's when he refuels, and when he wakes up he's Super Spaz Cat.


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September 21, 2005

So Many Choices

The bad thing about having so many new supernatural television shows premiering this season is that we can't possibly see them all. The Count is hoping that a few are oinkers so we don't have to keep up with them all.

I recently discovered "Lost" and "Medium". I'm watching the premiere of "Invasion" right now, and it looks pretty good. Friday night is the premier of "Ghost Whisperer". "Threshold" is also going to be good. I'm excited about "Night Stalker" because some of the guys from "The X Files" created it. It's based on that '70s hit, "Kolchak: The Night Stalker".

I haven't had this much fun since I fell in love with "The X Files". I am a major X-Phile. It's due to the success of "Lost" and "Medium" that these new thrillers are on.

Time to buy lots of tapes...

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