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May 16, 2005

I Would Testify In Favor Of This

A House Bill has been approved to make Moxie Maine's state drink.

I like Moxie. It's an acquired taste. It tastes like herbal root beer, due to gentian root being one of the ingredients. I found Moxie after I moved to New England. It's a New England fixture, even though it's owned by a company in Atlanta, Georgia. When I lived in Maryland, I drank a lot of sarsaparilla. I can't find sarsaparilla in New England. That's too bad, because I miss it.

There is also a Moxie Festival. I'm going to it before we move to Hawaii.

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I've never had Moxie before, but it sounds like I'd like it. I love sarsparilla & other root beer/ginger beer/birch beer - type beverages.

Our local beverages are Yoohoo and Cheerwine, which don't thrill me at all.

Posted by: alphabitch at May 16, 2005 10:16:05 AM



Way back when, there was a deli in Kenmore Square that sold Moxie. I was thrilled. Hawkeye Pierce drank Moxie! It was the only place I found that had it. So I often went there for lunch. The sandwiches were actually pretty bad, but I loved drinking Moxie.

I wondered then and still wonder if I really liked it or if I liked being able to tell people I drank Moxie.

Posted by: Lance Mannion at May 16, 2005 2:21:58 PM

"I wondered then and still wonder if I really liked it or if I liked being able to tell people I drank Moxie."

I think it's a little of both, Lance. I love the reactions I get when I tell people I drink Moxie, and I'm from below the Mason-Dixon line. ;)

I miss my sarsaparilla, though. That stuff rocks.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at May 16, 2005 5:17:18 PM

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Posted by: at May 17, 2005 2:05:28 AM

Um, anonymous commenter, I think you have the wrong thread...

I don't recall if I've ever tasted Moxie--but if it's anything like YooHoo, I don't think I'd care for it. I *LOVE* sarsaparilla though! Especially ice-friggin-cold on a boiling hot Texas Summer day.


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at May 17, 2005 11:12:18 PM

Moxie's OK... and it's true that i also like the crantastic taste of cranberry juice - which is the official drink for all us Massachusettors... Massachusettanians... Massachusettites?

but nothing beats the official drink of my homestate homies: Coffee Milk!

Posted by: jam at May 18, 2005 7:26:45 AM

"Massholes." Anyone from Rhodie should know that!

Posted by: Tony the Pony at May 19, 2005 3:27:23 PM