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April 30, 2005

It's "The Handmaid's Tale" Again

There is no doubt that women are being turned into incubators these days. This is what rape victims at Catholic hospitals in Colorado are going through: [Via Feministe.]

Imagine two rape victims taken to the same hospital emergency room. Imagine them put in adjoining examination rooms.

Let’s say they have identical injuries.

Presume everything about them is the same except for where they are in their menstrual cycles.

Do they deserve access to the same medical treatment?

At most Catholic hospitals in Colorado, they can’t get it.

The protocol of six Catholic hospitals run by Centura calls for rape victims to undergo an ovulation test.

If they have not ovulated, said Centura corporate spokeswoman Dana Berry, doctors tell the victims about emergency contraception and write prescriptions for it if the patient asks.

If, however, the urine test suggests that a rape victim has ovulated, Berry continued, doctors at Centura’s Catholic hospitals are not to mention emergency contraception. That means the victim can end up pregnant by her rapist.

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April 29, 2005

Not Mature Enough For An Abortion, But Mature Enough To Have A Baby?

A social services agency in Florida was granted a court order to prevent a 13 year old girl from getting an abortion. The ACLU has filed an emergency appeal. [Via Bitch, Ph.D.]

Get a load of this: "The state agency argued the 13 1/2-week pregnant girl — described as L.G. in court documents — is too young and immature to make an informed medical decision, according to the ACLU appeal."

So she's too "young and immature" to get an abortion, but she's mature enough to have a baby? Give me a break. She's a girl, not a breed mare. This is just another attack on a woman's right to have a legal medical procedure, namely, an abortion.

In case you were wondering, in 2003, the Florida Supreme Court "struck down a law requiring parents to be notified if their minor daughters seek an abortion."

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For The "Chocolat" Fans Out There


I mentioned a couple of days ago that I and my husband watched "Chocolat." I love that movie. I'm going to buy it. I have the soundtrack, and I wanted to share my favorite song from that movie. This is the main theme. I especially like the flute and oboe, which begin about a minute into the song.

As usual, give it time to load in. It takes a couple of minutes.

Chocolat - Main Titles

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Friday Cat Blogging

More Friday Pixalated Cat Blogging from the game World of Warcraft! My husband's Night Elf Priest character, Adrienne, upgraded her tiger. It's a Swift Mistsaber. I especially like the background, which is in Ironforge. Look at those teeth!!


I also learned from Lance Mannion that he hates cats. Horrors!! For him, I am posting one of my favorite pictures of Beowulf. Look at that adorable face, and that relaxed furball body. Lance, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Cat_smiley


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Friday Random Ten - The "Dedicated To The Heretik" Mix

This is my "Friday Random Ten - Dedicated to The Heretik" mix. I'm dedicating it to that great blogger, The Heretik, because there are two Delerium songs listed. We are both major Delerium fans.

For The Heretik, I've uploaded one of my favorite songs by Delerium - Terra Firma. This song was on the soundtrack to the first "Tomb Raider" movie. As usual, give the MP3 time to load in. It takes a couple of minutes.

Terra Firma - Delerium

1. "Predator", Ultradyne, Antartica

2. "Hyperborea", Biosphere, Substrata

3. "Why!...", Enigma, Le Roi Es Mort, Vive Le Roi

4. "Window To Your Soul", Delerium, Karma

5. "Psychopath (Leftfield Mix)", John Lydon, Hackers 3

6. "Out Of The Darkness", Republica, Republica

7. "Just A Dream", Delerium, Chimera

8. "Loved (Pulsedriver vs. Beam Remix)", Kim Wilde, Future Trance Volume 19

9. "Allegrettango", Adiemus, Vocalise

10. "Fantasy", Mythos, Reality Of A Dreamer

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Nevada - Presumptive Joint Custody

Here is a fathers' rights-friendly article about the presumptive joint custody bill in Nevada. I have already posted that Nevada ended up rejecting presumptive joint custody. Fathers' rights activists weren't happy about it, and I posted some of their thoughts. Please go to my post about the Nevada joint custody presumption being rejected to read more about this.

Nevada custody bill draws fire

3/22/05, third day of testimony on a Nevada bill that would alter how child custody is determined...

SB109, introduced by Sen. Maurice Washington, R-Sparks, would establish the presumption that
joint custody is in the best interest of a child, even when both parents don't agree to joint custody. Current law holds that presumption to be true only when both parents agree to joint custody.

Washington said he offered the bill because he has heard from so many fathers who have gone through the court system trying to get visitation and joint custody.

"There's mounting frustration among fathers that basically have been - they feel - snubbed by the courts. It's not to say one parent is better than the other parent," Washington said after the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting. "But it's at least to say that with joint custody there's equal footing and there's equal rights for visitation and to participate in the child's life."

The presumption would not apply when a parent has been convicted of certain crimes or has committed
acts of domestic violence, and the courts also could call for an investigation to see whether joint custody is inappropriate.

Those who lined up to testify said on one hand that joint custody hurts children's development because they don't have one place to consider home, while others - mostly fathers - said custody proceedings tend to favor the mother and that keeps them away from their children.

"The first step needs to be taken," said Garret Idle, a Reno Realtor who is filing for full custody of his two children. "The current system drives families apart."

Jeff May, a legislative police officer and father of a 9-year-old, said he wishes he could see his daughter more often than every other weekend, during half of the summer and on half of the holidays.

"I know I'm speaking for thousands of daddies statewide," he said, adding that those fathers also would testify if they weren't busy at jobs so they can make their child-support payments on time.

"This ultimately comes down to the children. This is all about the children," he said, adding, "Dividing the time equally I think would be fair."

The bill will be considered in work session, perhaps more than one time, in the coming month, said the
committee's chairman, Sen. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City. "Obviously this issue is not one that lends itself
to a quick and simple solution," he said.

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An Overview Of The Anti-Feminist Men's Movement

Panda Amanda (I can't resist typing that) has written an excellent overview of the anti-feminist men's movement. She rounds up the usual suspects, and gives them a royal once-over. She includes commentary about Vox Day (who calls for repealing women's right to vote - something Amanda didn't mention), Glenn Sacks, the Children's Rights Council, Warren Farrell, Fathers 4 Justice, Cool Tools 4 Men, Men's News Daily, and Stand Your Ground. It's an excellent post. She did a great job breaking down what men's rights activists believe. She also linked to my web page about joint custody in making one of her points.

She has a few more posts about the men's rights movement coming soon. Keep your eye on Pandagon

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I've Been Invited To Speak At A Conference In Italy!!

I've been invited to speak at a conference in Montenegro, Slovenia, and Italy. The one in Italy is being held in Venice. The focus is "E-education and E-business with Special Emphasis on Semantic Web and Web Datamining." I would have talked about the blogosphere, including how it has made it possible for me to find paid writing work. I can't afford to go, but I'm honored to have been asked to speak. I would have loved to have visited Venice. I've always wanted to go there. The conference is the same day my son starts driver's ed, so I wouldn't have been able to go anyway. Ah, the opportunities that pass me by...

Eeeek! My son is going to learn to drive! Heaven help me...

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Rental Impact To Hit Mums Down Under

[This is happening in Australia.]

By Michelle Keogh
After five years waiting for public housing, Michelle Lake was overjoyed when she discovered she would finally have a permanent home for herself and 18-month-old son Evan.
But just three months after moving into public housing in Woodberry, the 34-year-old single mother is worried how she will keep food on the table in the wake of the State Government's public housing reforms.
The changes include forcing tenants to pay for water usage, increasing the rents of those on moderate incomes by 5 per cent and introducing fixed-term leases. They will come into effect on July 1.
"I'm shocked and a little bit worried," Ms Lake said.
"I've been waiting for five years or more, I've been in a bed-sit and a refuge and staying with my mother but it's much better now I have my own house.
"Being a single mum takes a lot (of money), I can only just afford what (rent) they've got me on now.
"I would have to miss out on a lot of things food-wise and medicines and things."
Ms Lake said she also disagreed with the introduction of water bills, saying it would unfairly punish those tenants who were already responsible in their usage.
Public housing tenants do not currently pay water usage, but statistics show they account for 8 per cent of the State's high water users.
The new water charges are expected to cost on average $4.80 per week for public housing households.

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April 28, 2005

Men's Rights Group Loses Final Attack Against Women's Shelters

I have written about Free Men's attacks against California women's shelters in the past. Mens' rights groups aren't interested in helping abused men. They attack women's shelters by getting an "abused" man to file a complaint that he was refused services, and then the men's groups attack the women's shelter, claiming it is biased against men. Men's groups also claim that women's shelters violate the Constitution. Courts have rejected their arguments each time.

Here are the previous posts on the subject:

Men's Rights Attack Against Domestic Violence Shelters Dismissed

Another Attack By Men's Rights Activists On Domestic Violence Shelters Unsuccessful


(Los Angeles, CA) Today the California Supreme Court denied review to a men's rights group seeking to challenge the women only policy at several Los Angeles shelters for battered women and their children.

The lawsuit claimed that the shelters engaged in illegal sex discrimination. The shelters, however, receive gender specific funding from the state for very good reasons.

The Battered Women's Protection Act specifically funds shelters for women and children. The act is gender specific because women in crisis have particular privacy and safety needs. The shelters sometimes have communal bathrooms and bedrooms, many children with abusive fathers fear men, and batterers could easily find their victim if they were allowed access to the shelters.

The California Women's Law Center and O'Melveny and Myers LLP, representing the shelters pro bono, argued successfully to the California State Court of Appeal that the case had no merit.

"The Legislature has recognized that women and children need private shelters during this time of crisis in their lives and provides funding accordingly. In the event that the National Coalition of Free Men wish to open their own shelter, they are free to do so," said Katie Buckland, Executive Director of the California Women's Law Center.

State Senator Sheila Kuehl said, "I am pleased with today's court decision. Battered women shelters have been designed for women and their children for very good reasons- the preservation of safety, privacy, and peace, as well as the numerically greater need for places for women and children."

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