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February 18, 2005

Alternet Ignores Women's Blogs

Update: Peek has heard from not only women bloggers but from African-American bloggers. There are many new blogs by both in the sidebar, including Feministing, Afro-Netizen, Mouse Words, Uppity Negro, and Rox Populi. I received a very nice note from the associate editor of Alternet, who says that more will be added over the weekend. Ms. Lauren from Feministe also had a great e-mail exchange with Alternet. This is a delightful outcome. There will be a very diverse group of blogs available for reading. I look forward to reading Peek. As a matter of fact, I read it now.


Via Morgaine at What She Said! and Mouse Words I've learned that Alternet's new blog, Peek is sadly lacking in women bloggers in its sidebar. It's just the same guys, as usual. The only woman's blog listed in Wonkette. [Note: Amanda is having problems with Blogger's archives, so go to her main page to read her post.]

Here's what Morgaine had to say:

Not a very promising start for PEEK. Same blogs, different day. Your blogroll is all guys except Wonkette, which isn't really a blog. She has a staff working for her, you know. Real bloggers do their own code and graphics.

Every blogger you listed was male, which is an interesting trick since most bloggers are women. You didn't even list What She Said! http://whatshesaid.the-goddess.org/ which is a list of almost 500 progressive women bloggers, or feministblogs.org, nor is there one feminist blog, nor one Pagan political blog ( http://the-goddess.org/blog/ for example). You didn't even list John Aravosis' Americablog, the gay political which helped break the Gannon story.

You have to dig a little deeper to get the respect of the blogosphere.

Morgaine is wrong that there is not one feminist blog at Peek. Alas, A Blog is feminist, but Alas is a feminist blog written by a man. That's no dig at Barry, since Alas is an excellent blog, but why no feminist blogs written by female feminists?

Most bloggers are women. I read in an article recently (sorry, no link) that most bloggers are teenaged girls, but they don't get covered in media reports on blogs because they write diaries. Media coverage of blogs tends to focus on middle-class, white male A-list political bloggers who have a very narrow political focus primarily on the Bush administration. Women political bloggers discuss other equally important issues such as education, health, marriage and divorce, family, childrearing, child care, and poverty - "soft" issues that are not deemed as important has that narrowly-defined view of politics. Women are tired of being ignored.

Ladies, make sure your voice is heard by writing to Peek. Make sure they know that it is not a good idea to ignore the women who blog about politics.

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trish, you just don't get it. the problem is not with alternet, it's with the fact that there just aren't any a-list political bloggers. you can't say that's alternet's fault just because it writes the a-list. no, blame rest's squarely on the shoulders of women. and especially women bloggers, who have never ever addressed this pressing issue

Posted by: upyernoz at Feb 19, 2005 11:35:13 AM

There aren't any a-list political bloggers? Has anyone broken the news to the poor guys yet? ;)

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Feb 19, 2005 12:07:03 PM

I communicate all the time, almost every day, on Alternet and I am a 45 year old woman. I blog about different subjects and have had no problems at all.
Kathleen Hoynes Malfi

Posted by: kathleen malfi at Apr 2, 2005 1:04:52 PM