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January 08, 2005

A New Meme! Bizarre Google Searches That Found My Blog

I've got a new meme for everyone to try out. It's lots of fun. Post the most bizarre Google searches that found your blog in the last couple of days.

I've had a lot of hits on my one Angelina Jolie post lately that made me wonder what other Google searches have found my blog. Those Angelina Jolie people adore her, can't spell, and want to meet her. I'm fascinated with the woman, although she's a complete loon, but I still like her.

This post was inspired by one Hugo Schwyzer did. Here are a few of the really loopy ones:

"woman + lick" (WTF??)

"japanese + real + sex + dolls" (That has to be about my Real Dolls posts.)

"lebanon hot sex" (Don't ask. I haven't a clue.)

Searches for the nude shots I have of Elle Macpherson from my old post about women, weight, and the movies. I get those hits a lot. She appears nude in the movie "Sirens." Great movie, if you haven't seen it. I also get a lot of hits from I suspect women looking for pictures of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, from the fun flick "Pirates of the Caribbean." They love him, they gush about him in my comments, all of them want to marry him although he's already hooked up with a woman, and they can't spell.

"Ghost or computer graphics"

"Cunt suckers" (okay...)

"what are the sixteen virtues" (That many? I'm a lost cause...)

Geez, the kinds of things people search for on Google really boggle the mind.

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Be careful, because this could turn into another Watermelon Punch Visine on Nipples ordeal. haha. (Just type "visine on nipples" into Google, and you'll see.)

(Note, this is my attempt to get you on the visine on nipples search results. hahaha!!!!)


Posted by: Chloe at Jan 8, 2005 12:32:43 AM

Isn't the "visine on nipples" thing about making female nipples erect?

More useless trivia for another late-night party!!

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Jan 8, 2005 12:56:47 AM

Ha ha! I just added another Google search to your list in order to read that post. And I doubt that Elle Macpherson got up to a size 14--by Hollywood standards, a size 6 is downright fat. I do agree, though, that she looked better.

Posted by: Amanda at Jan 8, 2005 11:08:38 AM

Trish, where did you hear that Visine makes nipples erect?

The thing is, one would think that Visine would actually do the opposite... considering it gets the red out of eyes - removes bloodshot look... When nipples are erect, they're FULL of blood, aren't they?

But yeah, apparently that's what people have been thinking and occasionally claiming, that Visine on nipples is some kind of a sex trick to make nipples erect.
But all those claims, the rumour, all dates back to, and is in reference to, that episode of CSI.
Myself & someone else actually looked through forums and web sites, and such, citing nipples & some form of eye drops. And everything we could find dated it back to that CSI episode somehow. (Like if someone mentioned it, they'd say "heard it on CSI" or something.)

If it's a real thing... that people talk about or lots of people use, why isn't there any other type of mention of this on the internet? I mean, the internet, where all manner of sexual topics are discussed in glaring & minute detail!? Why are the only mentions of it pretty much on your blog & mine??
Seems a bit suspicious for a supposedly well-known sex trick, doesn't it?

And even if it's a well-known rumour... doesn't mean it's true, of course.

There's the well-documented myth that a few drops of visine slipped into someone's drink will cause them an almost immediate, but harmless, bout of diarrhea. But apparently that's not only totally untrue, it can actually be dangerous if ingested.
snopes.com - Mickey Red Eyes

And of course maybe using an eye dropper filled with ice water from the fridge could work for making nipples erect, after all. (Ice cubes are pretty common sex toys from what I've heard.)
But the odd thing is, that other than the CSI episode related stuff on the internet, there's really no mention of using an eye dropper bottle to apply liquid of any type to nipples.

So what's up with this?

I don't know... Have you tried Visine on your nipples, Trish? hehe.
I'm imagining someone testing the theory, using one nipple as 'the control nipple'. I think the bottle of Visine should be kept at room temperature, not in a cool place, and no erotic stimulus should be used at the time either.
I don't keep Visine on-hand because I wear contacts. But even so, there's no way to know that Visine is healthy to be putting on nipples - for example, I see on the list of ingredients of Visine, is an antihistimine... And I've been known to get some pretty serious reactions to drugs containing antihistimines. So I'm sure not sanguine about soaking my nipples with the stuff. haha.
So I'm not suggesting anyone try this at home without first consulting a physician or something.

Anyway, I tried asking snopes.com about this, and I got nowhere with that. Maybe next I'll send an e-mail off to Pfizer about the issue. ;)

Posted by: Chloe at Jan 14, 2005 6:21:35 AM

Chloe, I couldn't remember where I heard that Visine causes nipples to become erect until you mentioned it - CSI. That's where I heard it. I saw that episode.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Jan 14, 2005 1:24:07 PM