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October 30, 2004

Talk About Reaching The End Of The Line...

Here's another story perfect for Halloween - a train conductor in London stamped the ticket of a passenger he thought was sleeping. Turned out the guy was really dead.

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October 28, 2004

Haunted St. Louis

Anyone going anywhere near St. Louis in the near future? Apparently, St. Louis is one of the most haunted cities in the U. S. One of my blogger friends e-mailed me about it. Two cites discussed on this page are the Lemp Mansion and the old Pacific House Hotel, both of which are reported to be haunted.

I've never been to St. Louis. I did stay at a haunted bed and breakfast in Maryland twice and some odd things happened. While at the Kitty Knight House, I heard what I could have sworn was a party going on in the room next to mine. I was alone in the building that night. I still think what I heard was really the kitchen crew cleaning up after dinner. I also heard heavy footsteps in the hallway very early in the morning. On my second stay the overhead light in the room came on of its own accord and later turned off by itself. My husband and I were in bed and he swore up and down he didn't touch that light. I stayed in the same room both times - a bedroom at the far end of the second floor. The web site about the house mentions lights turning on in rooms on the second and third floors. It's a lovely house with a view of the harbor on the Sassafras River. Breakfast was very tasty, too. If I'm ever in that area again I'd happily stay at that house.

I never get enough of the spooky stuff and this is the perfect season for it.

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Mist or Ghost?

I haven't had a thing to blog about lately. It's Halloween week so my free time has been spent reading books and watching horror movies. We're going to Salem for Halloween on Sunday and I'm hoping to see "Saw" this weekend as well. I won't be posting much if at all for the rest of the week.

A friend sent this to me. It's a riot. Make sure you go to the web site and watch the movie.

Mist or Ghost?

Mist, Ghost or Computer Graphics?

Supposedly this is a car commercial that never aired. I'm thinking that it is more probably a very good student project using Computer Graphics.

About 2 seconds into the "commercial" notice something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist that looks humanish.

The subtly makes is so believable. Movie animators could learn a bit from this.

If computer graphics couldn't do this kind of thing I might be a bit spooked.

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October 22, 2004

Women More Likely To Be Slain By Partner Than By Stranger

It's not news that women are more likely to be slain by a husband or lover than by a stranger. But this new study by New York City's Health Department which came to the same conclusion was worth mentioning. The study found that "a woman in New York City is more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than by a stranger, especially if she is young and foreign-born." The study also found that "lovers and husbands were responsible for almost 60 percent of the deaths of women between 20 and 50, the study found, and such victims were 87 percent more likely than those killed by strangers to be foreign-born."

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Malpractice Suit Says Divorce Doubt Led To Distress

From Law.com: "There's no question divorce can be painful. But in one San Francisco case, lawyers are squabbling over whether a divorce lawyer can be required to pay for his client's alleged distress. The plaintiff in the case alleges that attorney Joseph Pisano made mistakes that later led him to wonder if he was legally remarried. This week, Superior Court Judge Ronald Quidachay declined to strike a request for emotional distress damages in the malpractice suit against Pisano."

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October 20, 2004

Update On Diebold Voting Machines

If you want to see what is in store for Florida residents when they vote for President in a couple of weeks, run right to this site. It's a riot.

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October 19, 2004

Here's A Way To Get Your Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

"The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is preparing to welcome its 1000th "permanent resident" this week thanks to an online charity auction currently available on eBay at www.DisneyAuctions.com. The lucky high bidder will receive his/her own personalized "tombstone" in the finale graveyard scene of the popular attraction, marking the public's first-ever chance to be an enduring part of a Disneyland attraction."

Bidding is currently at about $40,000.

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Just In Time For Halloween - A Haunted Nursing Home

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I figured it was a good time for a little paranormal news. The old Genesee County Nursing Home in New York (currently known as Rolling Hills Country Mall) has been reported for years to be haunted, so a team of New York ghost hunters are looking into it.

"According to Western New York Paranormal, a paranormal research team now investigating Rolling Hills, it's not unusual to walk the halls of the old home hearing unexplained doors opening and closing, experiencing physical touches, smelling odd odors, and seeing apparitions that move across a vacant room or hallway. "We've only just begun our long term investigation at Rolling Hills, but already we have material we can't explain - a child's voice on a tape recording, misty figures in hallways, and mysterious floating orbs among other things," stated a team leader for the group. He believes strongly that "there's a lot of mystery in this building waiting to be discovered, and the great thing is you don't need to be a scientist to do it." "

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October 13, 2004

Oh Dear God Is This Funny

Stop what you're doing right now and go directly to You Forgot Poland.

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Aim For Sinclair's Advertisers

You've read on other blogs that Sinclair Broadcasting is forcing its stations to air anti-Kerry smears a week before the election. Kevin Drum at The Washington Monthly provided details on the proper way to protest Sinclair's tactics. He quotes Josh Micah Marshall from Talking Points Memo.

One of Josh Marshall's readers has the right approach:

I've worked in the media business for 30 years and I guarantee you that sales is what these local TV stations are all about. They don't care about license renewal or overwhelming public outrage. They care about sales only, so only local advertisers can affect their decisions.

Here's how to have an impact on the local Sinclair stations: first, watch the station and make a list of all of the local advertisers. Then, write to the sales manager -- not the general manager, but the sales manager -- and tell him that you're going to contact all of the local advertisers to register a protest about the station airing this program. Be specific -- mention the names of those local advertisers. Then, actually contact them (if you write or email, cc the sales manager). These stations make most of their income (around 60%) from local advertisers and will NOT want to have that income threatened.

This has worked numerous times. A recent example was when a local radio morning show host in North Carolina told his listeners to aim for bicyclists on the road (he was ranting about how cyclists have no right to share the roadways). The station defended him for several days amidst public outcry, until the advertisers, under pressure from outraged cyclists, began to make noise. Suddenly, the station reversed itself, suspended the host for several days, and made him do public service announcements for weeks about sharing the road with cyclists.

This can work! I plan to start tonight!

Another reader tried this and says it worked:

As suggested in a post you have further down, I just called the Cincinatti station's sales mgr. He was really concerned when I read him a list of local adverstisers and said I'd be calling their advertising managers to express my displeasure that they choose to advertise on a Sinclair station. He practically begged me not to, saying "this involves people's livelihoods." And then I did call the local advertisers.

So you are correct. Local stations -- SALES MANAGERS and local advertisers AD MANAGERS are the pressure point.

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