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October 21, 2003

Attacks Against DV Services By Men's Rights Groups Not New

The National Coalition of Free Men is no stranger to using the court system to attack domestic violence services and laws. Free Men promotes the mythology that men and women are equally abusive. Free Men also claims that false allegations of abuse by women are rampant. This group is very hostile towards women.

Warren Farrell sits on Free Men's Board of Advisors -- something that he doesn't mention when misrepresenting the time decades ago that he sat on the board of the New York City chapter of NOW. He was not part of National NOW, although it seems that way due to his phrasing. It's likely that when feminists figured out how harmful his views really are towards women and children that they rightly severed all association with him. Today, with his support of and endorsement of misogynistic men's and fathers' rights politics, it's clear that feminists have made the right decision. Warren Farrell is no friend of women and he is certainly no feminist.

Farrell received endorsement and support from Free Men in his failed bid for governor of California.

In Minnesota in 2001, "a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by R Kids, the National Coalition of Free Men, the Men’s Defense Association and other individual men accusing the state of discriminating illegally against male taxpayers by funding services for victims of domestic violence that are primarily used to assist battered women. The Domestic Abuse Project, the Central Minnesota Task Force on Battered Women and the Lakes Crisis Center joined the state in countering that the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate direct injury as a result of the state’s policy to fund programs that mostly serve battered women. The judge agreed with the defendants and dismissed the suit."

In 2002, a law suit filed by R Kids to have the Minnesota Battered Women's (MBWA) Act declared unconstitutional was dismissed. Here's the news direct from the Free Men web site. (Note: NCFM refers to Free Men.)

"This law suit was first filed in July 2000 by R-Kids, a local father's rights group in Minneapolis. Later that year the NCFM Twin Cities Chapter joined as a co-plaintiff. The suit alleges that the MBWA violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. If the court sides with NCFM all public funding for women's battering services will be terminated. Particulars of the law suit can be viewed here. Under current law it is routine to deny services to men.

An important point worth mentioning is that the plaintiffs do not want a correction or a 'fixing', so to speak, of MBWA as it now stands. We insist that this egregiously sexist law be struck down in its entirety, at which time the Minnesota State Legislature can begin a new process and an entirely new approach to addressing the social problem of domestic violence -- an approach that utterly discounts and discredits the old "women good, men bad" model and forthrightly recognizes instead that domestic violence is a shared problem between men and women.

In September of 2002 the court ruled that R-Kids and NCFM have no standing on which to bring suit. This decision is being appealed."

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You really do hate men, don't you?

Posted by: Phillip Swindall at Oct 27, 2003 6:35:27 AM

My Story is as such I had a child with a woman who ran to a shelter claining that I was trying to kill our child for insurance purposes,also said that I was stalking her outside of the shelter. They kicked her out in fear of the safety of the other people,then she went to another shelter claiming I kicked her door in another town ,she also made our child say " that her daddy was touching her peeper" just to get me out of her life. All Allegations were found to be unsubstantiated and no charges were ever filed in either State ( Ohio , Indiana) finally after three years of not being able to hold my child in my arms. This new Judge seen right thru the Mother and Stated in Court that he believed the mother had coached the child to say these horrible things just to keep me from my child.

Posted by: David Henderson at Jun 6, 2006 2:59:22 PM